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woman holding sandwich looking into a pig puppets eyes

Puppet trio lend a hand

Quorn Foods has launched a marketing campaign championing its new Deli range.
Quorn Advertisement

Meat Free on the TV

QUORN has been back on the small screen with a campaign timed to coincide with pupils’ return to the classroom.

Quorn focuses on environmental impact with new marketing push

Encouraging shoppers of all backgrounds to choose meat-free options – while highlighting the environmental impact of reducing meat consumption – is the focus of the latest Quorn campaign

Pepperoni without the pork part

Meat alternative brand Quorn has launched its first vegan pepperoni product

Meat free returns

Quorn returned to television screens on 27 August as part of a six week TV campaign focused on the brand’s Crispy Nuggets variant

Snacking for the climate

MEAT alternative brand Quorn returns to TV screen this month with a new campaign focusing on Quorn Wonder Grains
Quorn campaign step in the right direction

Stepping up advice

Meat free brand, Quorn has launched a campaign to help consumers make informed choices about sustainable food.
Quorn poppers

Popping up again

Quorn Southern Fried Poppers is a ready to eat snack that consists of vegetarian chicken in southern fried breadcrumb coating
older generation enjoying salad

To Veganuary and beyond

Demand for vegan and vegetarian food is set to get even bigger during 2020, as older consumers join in
Quorn ultimate burgers

Even more meat free

More than half of all UK consumers say they are reducing their meat intake according to Quorn, suggesting that there is an opportunity to further grow sales of meat alternatives.

Ambient move for veggie brand

Quorn has expanded into ambient territory with the launch of a new internationally inspired range .
Quorn convenience core range

Healthy protein healthy planet

THE increased popularity of meat free products will be no surprise to retailers who have been watching category trends in chilled and frozen.
Quorn burger

A new Quorn burger is born

The choice of meat-free products available to consumers continues to grow, with Quorn releasing a new Ultimate Burgers range

Ofishially veggie

Meat-free brand Quorn has been capitalising on demand by releasing plenty of NPD

Free from meat but full of profit

Quorn widening appeal with PMPs

Investing big in vegetarian

The rising demand for vegan and vegetarian products has seen Quorn open the world’s biggest meat alternative production facility in Billingham, County Durham