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Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Laura Morrison

Spotlight on SSP after IPPR report

Could now be the time to reform sick pay in the UK?
Amy Gordon

Appeal decision affects holidays

Ruling has consequences for accumulated holiday pay, but potential for further action means issue isn’t settled
Elizabeth Bremner

Keeping abreast of redundancy rules

At the end of March, P&O Ferries hit the headlines attracting substantial outrage from politicians, trade unions and the public alike when it dismissed around 800 employees without notice, subsequently replacing them with agency workers.
woman receiving notice at work

Fire and rehire is risky business

Controversial practice should be a tactic of last resort
flooding on street

Protecting profit with good cover

Planning for a rainy day is good business sense and if there’s one thing the last few years have shown, it’s that market conditions are unpredictable.
Jisp online

Browser treatment for Jisp retail app

Jisp has launched an online version of its retail app aimed at the independent retail channel.
Ankorstore website

Wholesale done differently

A business to business online wholesale brand has been looking to shake things up in the Scottish retail sector.
ICU age verification

Bestway signs up to technology trial

Bestway Wholesale has signed up to an innovative age verification techonology trial, running across three of its symbol stores in Leeds.
ASDA self service age check

Computer age checks are on trial

In a first for the UK, Asda has launched an automated age verification solution for self-service checkouts on a trial basis.

A good deal of communication

Gander notifies consumers of reduced food items available in their local store.
Ocado delivery van

Rapid delivery is on the rise

Grocery delivery has been growing at breakneck speed in urban areas, according to TWC.
Reposs EPOS

EPOS that’s fit for the future of retail

EPOS provider Reposs has been reacting to pandemic trends by adding a host of new features to its solutions for retailers.

Time to act is fast approaching

ENVIPCO has been working with Scottish retailers for a number of years now – but the real busy period is coming soon as the deposit return live date approaches.

A convenient climate truth

OVER one third of consumers believe that shopping at convenience stores is better for the environment, according to a new report from TWC.
Alison Weatherhead & Sarah Ingles Carlyle

Keeping abreast of immigration rules

From 6 April, new changes to UK right to work checks announced by the Home Office will come into force, but what does it mean for employers?

Get ready for the RVM revolution

PREPARATIONS for DRS are well underway, with the Scottish Government, scheme administrator and retailers now all working towards an August 2023 live date.