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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Sipping on Cali Red: Snoop Dog wine rolling into UK stores

Treasury Wine Estates has added some West Coast flavour to its portfolio through a collaboration with rap legend Snoop Dogg.
Irn bru xtra bottle and can on an orange and blue background

Xtra investment in Bru

SCOTLAND’s other national drink, Irn-Bru, is set to benefit from a £1 million brand investment.
Birdseye green cuisine

Plant power in the freezer

Birds Eye has relaunched its meat-free brand Green Cuisine, and it’s backing the plant-based range with a new advertising campaign.
Smirnoff berry

Time is ripe for berry flavours

Diageo has added a burst of fruit to its vodka portfolio, expanding the Smirnoff range in the process.
Mackies ice cream

Scooping more online distribution

Aberdeenshire ice cream maker Mackie’s has expanded its digital presence through a new listing with Donald Russell.
Jack and Victor Co-Op

Distilling game

Scotland's favourite geriatric duo have cantered into the convenience channel, with new listings for their gin and whisky brand.
Rock Rose smoked orange

A smoky gin with a citrus twist

The latest release from Dunnet Bay Distillers comes with a twist, as Rock Rose gets the citrus treatment.
Edinburgh Gin orange

The spirit of innovation

Gin ain’t what it used to be and consumer demand has led to distilleries across the land getting creative with botanicals, flavours and formats.
Shuda cocktails

Cocktails without the hassle

Manchester Drinks has launched a new range of frozen cocktail pouches.
Vimto bottles

Health focus in the chiller

Student dietary clichés have not aged so well, with today’s young adults swapping kebabs for ketogenic dinners and cheap pints for protein powder.
Fountain cans

Fountain’s festival push

Hard Seltzer brand Fountain has been turning up the volume on its marketing activities, through a summer tour of UK music festivals.
Credit: Shutterstock Gagarova Olga

Strawberry gin forever

In the increasingly busy flavoured gin category, strawberry reigns supreme according to a poll of UK consumers.
Dead Mans Fingers

Rum brand rolls out RTD cans

Dead Man’s Fingers has entered the ready to drink category with the launch of a new canned range.
Rustlers Monisha Singh

NPD taps into current trends

For many students leaving home, cooking dinner all by themselves could be one of the most daunting tasks of the academic year.
Cathedral City

Value on the pack

Starting university can be an expensive prospect at the best of times, but as the cost-of-living crisis bites, this year’s new students will likely be seeking value wherever they can find it.
Rubicon Raw cans

Rubicon rides the wave

RUBICON Raw is ready to make waves with consumers thanks to a new £2 million marketing investment in the brand.