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Tag: Philadelphia

Cracker of a campaign

Mondelez International has brought together Ritz and Philadelphia for the latest marketing campaign for the cream cheese brand.

Snacks for all times

Snacks giant Mondelez International aims to cover every consumer demand through its expansive array of snacking options.

Easy but cheesy

Soft cheese brand Philadelphia has released a new adult snacking range, supported by above the line advertising and in-store activities .

A spread to savour

PHILADELPHIA has returned to TV screens with a new campaign urging Brits to ‘savour the moment’.

It’s hip to dip

TWO new Philadelphia products have been launched – aimed at summer sharing occasions. Philadelphia Flip & Dip is available in three variants (Sweet Chilli, Mexican...

Snacks could spread more

SNACKING cheese commands 19% of the cheese market in the UK and is continuing to grow, says Mondelez International. And it says, quoting Nielsen, that...

New cheese please

Manufacturers’ product developments take established brands and new cheese lines into c-store snack and treat territory PURCHASING chilled items is the number-two reason  for visiting...

Philadelphia sets out to cause a midweek stir

PHILADELPHIA’s Simply Stir range features in a new TV advert as part of a £1m campaign. The 20-second ad follows a couple making time to...

Philly says cheese

SOFT cheese brand Philadelphia is exercising its showbiz smile after its family-orientated ad campaign hit the small screen last month. The ‘Love Life, It’s Delicious’...
TWO flavours of Philadelphia-based Simply Stir cooking sauces hit the shelves next month.

Stirring stuff – Philadelphia sauces

TWO flavours of Philadelphia-based Simply Stir cooking sauces hit the shelves next month. The sauces can be used as a topping on chicken, stirred into...

Double act provides a popular sweet treat

MONDELEZ International plans to build on what it says is the success of its Philadelphia-Dairy Milk double act snack pack, launched last year. An...