Snacks could spread more


SNACKING cheese commands 19% of the cheese market in the UK and is continuing to grow, says Mondelez International.
And it says, quoting Nielsen, that its Philadelphia and Dairylea brands occupy the number two and three spots within the cheese category with its Lunchables coming in at number six.
The snacking cheese category incorporates spreads and slices, on-the-go cheese snacks, and soft white cheese.
Mondelez trade communications manager Susan Nash said: “Snacking cheese is highly expandable with a large range of products that meet different need states and occasions.
“In addition, impulse purchasing is on the increase – 90% of consumers said
they purchased on impulse in 2014, compared to 83% in 2011.
“This is important to the
category, as we believe there is an opportunity to inspire purchase in store by having a comprehensive and exciting range.” Nash added that
making the chilled fixture easy to shop is key to exploiting the potential for cheese sales – availability, ease of shopping and range of products are all vital, she argued.
“Snacking cheese shows headroom for growth with 86% penetration, while soft white and processed cheese show even greater potential,” she said.
Following a year when it reported an 8.7% rise in value, Dairylea has been given a new recipe and new packaging.
Mondelez says the reformulation of Dairylea, which is said by Nielsen to be worth £118m had been carried out in response to parents’ desire to give their children healthy snacks.
Senior brand manager Philip Warfield said: “These changes are part of Mondelez International’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of its consumers.
“The Dairylea recipe is now a good source of calcium whilst still keeping the same great taste.”