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Jammie Dodgers minis christmas

A cheeky new look

Burton's Biscuit Company has launched a new festive Jammie Dodger Minis variant.
Box of Jamie Dodgers

PMP case is back

BURTON’S Biscuit Company has relaunched its Jammie Dodgers PMP compact case.
Burtons range

A confectionery giant

CTH, the Belgian holding company behind Ferrero, has acquired Burton’s Biscuit Company in a deal reportedly running into the hundreds of millions.

PMPS help key categories thrive

When it comes to crisps, PMPs prove popular with consumers, but not all price-marks are created equal and the £1 point in particular is worth stocking in high volume, according to manufacturers
Paterson’s versatile shortbread range

No slowing up for shortbread

WHEN it comes to Caledonian confectionery, it doesn’t get much more Scottish than shortbread.

PMPs can shine in turbulent economy

The price-marked pack offers retailers one way of signalling value to customers, and some of the biggest brands in convenience have suggested shoppers will be key to success in 2021
Biscuit assortment

Home snacking is driving biscuit sales

Scotland is a nation of biscuit lovers and with uncertainty all around, the affordable treat options seems to be gaining ground in convenience stores
Maryland Choc Chip and Coconut

Exclusive to convenience

Burton's Biscuit Company has expanded its Maryland range with the launch of a new PMP exclusive to the convenience channel.

Cookie brand gets kid active

Promo launches in time for new term
scattered biscuits

Value treats thriving

BISCUIT shoppers come in all shapes and sizes, from those looking for an indulgent treat for tonight to others seeking out a guilt-free treat to enjoy during the week.
Burtons Biscuit Company range

Under-100 range rolling out

Portion control is at the heart of the latest launch from Burton’s Biscuit Company.

Value sales are up and NPD is still hitting the mark with consumers

Biscuits are getting bigger
Burtons Biscuit Company Wagon Wheels and Maryland Cookies

Burton’s Biscuits are hitting the mark

Burton’s Biscuit Company has been tapping into the demand for PMPs by offering a wide range across leading brands including Maryland Cookies and Wagon Wheels
Snacks Jammie Dodgers, Hula Hoops Maryland Cookies Ambrosia Custard

Small portions mean big sales

With some schools inspecting kids lunchboxes to check for unhealthy contents, parents will be keen to ensure they're offering their children a balanced diet.

More treats with fewer calories

The latest addition to the Burton’s Biscuit Company ‘less than 100 calories’ range of biscuits and snacks is Maryland Oaty Cookie Bars

Rock me like a…

Brand owner Burton’s Biscuit Company has launched Wagon Wheels in a new on the go format