Small portions mean big sales

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Snacking brands are now offering portion controlled, reduced calorie packs.

Parents want to buy healthier lunchbox snacks for kids

WITH some schools now inspecting kids’ lunchboxes to check for unhealthy contents, parents will be keen to ensure that they are offering their children a balanced diet.
Snack brands have been quick to respond to these increased concerns over children’s health.

KP Snacks has reduced the saturated fat and sodium levels across its core range by as much as 80%.

The firm has also virtually removed all artificial colours, added flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners and colours, with the KP Snacks portfolio now including 29 products that are 100 calories or fewer per pack.

Burton’s Biscuit Company has taken a similar approach, offering mini bite size and individual portions across brands such as Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies.

“With school lunchbox content coming under increased scrutiny from health experts and the government, along with the introduction of guidelines for children to consume just two snacks under 100 calories a day, shopper demand for more permissible options for lunchboxes continues to grow,” said Isabel Lydall, category and insights controller at Burton’s.

This was echoed by Daniel Jalalpour, brand director at Premier Foods, who said that convenient snacks did not necessarily have to be unhealthy.

“Our range of Ambrosia Mini Pots – custard and rice – provide the perfect portion size for children,” he said, “and are fortified with extra calcium and vitamin D for strong bones.
“The pots are a great source of nutrition and we developed the recipe to be ‘lunchbox approved’.

“The pot format makes putting together lunchboxes easy for parents, as they are ready-to-eat and can be stored ambient so will maintain quality throughout the day. Our Mini Custard Pots also come in a ‘30% less sugar’ variety, to provide a lower sugar alternative.
“There are lots of better-for-you options out there that provide a sweet treat fix with lower fat, salt or sugar content.”