Trip with fungi on the shelf

Functional drinks brand rolls out mushroom blend range

Lifestyle shot of the new Trip Mindful Blend range.
Functional soft drinks brand Trip has rolled out its first foray away from CBD drinks with its new Mindful Blend range to take advantage of the rising popularity the functional ingredients have found on social media.

SOFT drinks brand Trip has made its first product launch in a foray beyond CBD drinks with its new Mindful Blend range.

Made up of four variants, the new Mindful Blend selection blends Lion’s Mane mushroom, magnesium, medicinal herb Ashwagandha and the amino acid L-theanine with an infusion of natural botanicals.

The new functional drinks will debut two new flavours to the Trip brand with Cucumber Mint and Blood Orange Raspberry with the remaining two flavours taken from the brand’s core range, Elderflower Mint and Raspberry Orange Blossom.

The unique blend aims to provide consumers with a convenient way to pick up the health benefits from the functional ingredients, which have grown in popularity on social media with over 3.5billion TikTok searches according to Trip.

Trip Mindful Blend are available to purchase from the brand’s online store now with plans to roll out across major retailers nationwide from 6 May including Waitrose, Holland % Barrett, Whole Foods and Ocado with an RRP of £2.

Olivia Ferdi, co-founder of Trip, said: “As the largest privately owned carbonated drinks brand, we have led the growth of the functional drinks category and are excited to continue our trailblazing impact in the sector with the launch of our unique Mindful Blend range, offering a new way to find the same calming effect as our CBD range.

“As consumers continue to prioritise health and wellness, Mindful Blend provides an accessible way to incorporate these trending ingredients into your lifestyle and a new way to unwind.

“Millions already find calm through the functionality of our CBD drinks, and seeing the increased demand and popularity of these ingredients has made it clear that there is a market for us to expand into a new range of soft drinks.”