Mentos opens up to sharing

Confectionery firm grows the sharing bags opportunity

Promotional image of the new Mentos Sharing Packs with the Fruit Mix variant to the left surrounded by fruit against a purple background and the Fanta variant to the right surrounded by oranges and bubbles against an orange background.
Perfetti Van Melle is set to grow the opportunity for confectionery sharing as the firm rolls out new Pouch Bags sharing packs across the Mentos brand.

LEADING global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) has opened up the sharing opportunity with the Mentos brand with the launch of new Mentos Pouch Bags.

Aiming to target the growing sharing opportunity with younger audiences in particular, PVM has brought it Mentos brand to larger format packs with Mentos Fruit Mix Pouch Bag and Mentos Fanta Pouch Bag.

PVM said the new pouch bags will allow Mentos to increase its presence across the confectionery aisle, helping to draw further attention to the brand across the store.

Both come in a 140g sharing bag format across grocery, forecourt and online channels with an RRP of £1.50 per pack.

This marks a return for the Product of the Year 2023 award winning Mentos Fanta product as well as PVM is set to capitalise on the immense popularity for the variant with the new sharing packs in a bid to draw in younger shoppers.

Sarah du Plessis, brand manager at Mentos, said: “With 63% of sweet consumers looking for a wider range of flavours, and exotic variants having the greatest appeal to sweet eaters, we know that people are looking for new and exciting products to try.

“Younger Gen Z shoppers in particular are an experimental audience looking for innovative options to enjoy with friends. We expect the sharing bags to increase sales penetration amongst this demographic, as well as drive frequency with existing customers.

“This format also allows us to establish ourselves in different positions around the store, helping Mentos reach more people than ever before.

“Mentos Fanta has taken the market by storm since launch and these pouch bags will further expand its popularity.

“In addition, with consumers actively searching for multi-flavoured sweet products, we expect the Fruit Mix bags to prove a hit, especially as they are great for sharing with others and guessing what the flavours are.”