Nc’Nean pushes whisky innovation

Organic whisky firm launches new limited release

Organic whisky distiller Nc’nean has grown its innovative Huntress range with the launch of the dessert-inspired Huntress Orchard Cobbler.

ORGANIC whisky distillery Nc’nean has continued to build its reputation as an innovator in the industry with the launch of its new limited release Orchard Cobbler.

The latest addition to its Huntress series – which launches a new bottle every April – marks a particularly unqiue addition as it makes use of the limited spirit produced once a year when the distillers move from one distillation recipe to another.

The resulting dram has been described as having flavours of cherry bakewell, apricot marmalade and vanilla custard giving its dessert-inspired title of an Orchard Cobbler.

The Huntress series aims to bring something new to the table for whisky. Inspired by the brand’s namesake, the gaelic goddess Neachneohain who in legend was known as a huntress who made her own path in the world, the launch furthers the ambition for discovery in whisky.

Huntress Orchard Cobbler comes bottled at 48.5% ABV and with only 6100 bottles approximately available making this a rarer release.

Each bottle comes with a price of £88.95 with a cask mix of STR ex-red wine, ex-American whiskey and Oloroso Sherry Certified.

A spokesperson for Nc’nean said: “Nc’nean is widely recognised for pushing the boundaries of conventional Scotch. Unlike most distilleries, they run two different spirit runs each year, one for whisky set to be released at a younger age, and one set to be released after ten plus years.

“The spirit matured for Huntress Orchard Cobbler comes from the distillation in the week after this spirit recipe is switched over – a time where cut points are changed and unusually high fruity compounds flood into the spirit. So fruity, that the whisky is named after one of the team’s favourite desserts.”