Lenor steams ahead with new Steamer & Ironing range

Fresh scents for the iron table as Lenor meets demands

Starbrands UK reckons it is responding to a rising consumer demand with its latest launches from the Lenor brand with the Steamer and Ironing Water range.

HOUSEHOLD brand Lenor has branched out to the ironing table across Asda and Tesco stores with an expansion of its Steamer and Ironing Water range.

Spring Awakening is suitable for both irons and steamers alike and will launch into the supermarket’s stores on 29 April with a roll out in stores across the country.

Along with the fresh scent, the products also claim to prevent limescale build up, helping to prevent any further damage to the iron whilst freshening consumers’ clothes in the process.

Nina Lumsden, brand manager at Star Brands Ltd – the firm behind the Lenor Steamer & Ironing Water range – said: “Lenor Steamer & Ironing Water, aims to transform the way people perceive and approach fabric care.

“Our goal is to provide a solution that not only simplifies the ironing process but also makes it more enjoyable and rewarding for consumers, whilst maintaining the quality of the iron or steamer.” 

“Since its initial launch, we have seen an astonishing 114.6% surge in units sold over the last year, which has led to our exciting expansion into Asda and Tesco stores.

“The product has clearly captivated consumers’ attention and driven unprecedented sales. These results underscore the resonance of Lenor’s Steamer & Ironing Water with consumers, validating our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.”