Chupa Chups switches on a new flavour

Lollipop variant brings in a fusion of flavours to mix up

Pack shots of the new Chups Chups Flavour Playlist XXL from Perfetti Van Melle.
Perfetti Van Melle is out to offer consumers a playlist of all its hit Chupa Chups flavours with the launch of its new Flavour Playlist XXL lollipop.

GLOBAL sweets giant Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) has launched an innovative new addition to its Chupa Chups line to help mix up the lollipop selection.

Available in all channels in May, the new Chupa Chups Flavour Playlist XXL offers a medlry of flavours including Cola, Cherry, Lemon, Lime with a Strawberry bubble-gum centre at its core.

PVM said the new lollipop will offer a multi-sensory experience for consumers that will “leave tastebuds tingling”.

With an RRP of 50p per lollipop, the new Flavour Playlist XXL comes at a key time for Chupa Chups as Circana data has found the brand has been in growth lately, with value sales across all outlets rising by 5% resulting in an overall brand worth of £17.7million.

The new Flavour Playlist XXL is set to deliver more into this growth as PVM reckons the new launch will be particularly popular with younger consumers including teens who are seeking variety from their lollipop purchase.

Kim McMahon, brand manager at Chupa Chups, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the Flavour Playlist XXL, our latest innovation that showcases the diverse range of flavours that Chupa Chups is known – and celebrated – for.

“This product is all about pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in the confectionery industry – it’s a gamechanger for sweet enthusiasts everywhere.

“In addition to being the UK’s most eaten and purchased lollipop, Chupa Chups has earned a reputation for delivering fun and excitement through its iconic products; the Flavour Playlist XXL further strengthens this reputation, offering consumers an exciting new way to enjoy their favourite Chupa Chups flavours.”