Whitebox Cocktails rolls on new flavours

Three new cocktail variants join the Whitebox range

Whitebox Cocktails has grown its range of ready-to-drink variants with the launch of three new and unique cocktail drinks.

EDINBURGH-based RTD brand Whitebox Cocktails has ramped up its innovation with the launch of three new cocktail variants.

Featuring a more unique collection with Spicy Margarita, Straight Up Daiquiri and a whiskey-based Vieux Carré, each come in the brand’s familiar 100ml can serves.

Keeping in line with the rest of the Whitebox range, the three new products are full-strength cocktails made with a dedication to the original cocktail recipe.

The addition of three new cocktails brings the brand’s total range up to 12 serves now.

The Spicy Margarita serve contains tequila, triple sec, lime, coriander and green chilli offering a punchy drink for the party complete with a fiery kick from the green chilli pepper. Coming in at 20.5% ABV, the Spicy Margarita is priced at £5.80 per 100ml can.

Straight-Up Daiquiri blend together rum, lime and sugar as a classic take on the bartender serve, striking a balance between the tangy lime and sweetness from the sugar. At the higher ABV of 25%, the Daiquiri serve comes at a price of £5.50 per can.

Finally, Whitebox has rolled out its XO Vieux Carré, a mix of XO brandy, American whiskey, sweet vermouth, herbal liqueur and bitters. This classic New Orleans-born cocktail offers a more indulgent sipping cocktail with a herbaceous twist. Served best chilled over ice, the new whisky cocktail comes at 30% ABV with a price of £6.80 per can.

Ben Iravani, co-founder of Whitebox Cocktails, said: “Since our successful crowdfunding raise last year, we have been working on developing a series of new cocktails to expand our offering.

“It’s no secret that drinkers are seeking out bolder, more complex profiles – just look at the meteoric rise of the Spicy Margarita.

“These types of flavours are commonplace in cocktail history and many of the classics have big bold flavours and complexity, so we wanted to bring those types of drinks to a wider audience.”