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Flipz Pretzels

Mixing sweet and savoury

SNACK firm Pladis has extended its portfolio by bringing a brand new product to the UK and adding a new variety to an existing big seller brand

Nibbling on some hazelnut

THE McVitie’s Hobnobs Nibbles range has been extended with the addition of a hazelnut variety.

Banoffee bites

MCVITIE’S brand owner Pladis has extended its Digestive Slices range yet again with the roll out of a new Banoffee flavour.

Grab a slice of a popular trend

BISCUIT giant Pladis is extending its McVitie’s Digestives Slices range to include a new Banoffee flavour.

Health focus for next year

The firm behind major convenience brands including McVitie’s and Jacobs reckons that while snacking will continue to be an ingrained part of daily eating habits
From confectionery to coffee, soft drinks to dairy, enough products now come in price-marked packs that retailers can fill the shelves of their stores with them, if they so wish.

True value can shine through

PMPs a winner with customers seeking quality at a fair price READING any news around the economy or Brexit is rarely a cheery affair –...

Nibbles going orange

FOLLOWING the launch of its  McVitie’s Digestives Nibbles range last year, Pladis added a Chocolate Orange variety this summer.

More nights in to come

WINTER is coming, and with it the urge to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean shoppers put their social life to bed for the year.

Innovation helps everyday treats

WITH research showing that 99% of UK households buy biscuits, they can safely be viewed as a must stock. The recently released Biscuits in Britain...

Brits eat the most treats

BISCUITS are a UK national treasure, according to Pladis. And it says with more than 99% of households buying biscuits ever year, Britons have the...

Small households smaller baskets

SMALLER households and increased urban living combined with the ongoing pressure on household budgets have led to an increase in smaller basket shops, says...

Value on display

BISCUITS and cakes manufacturer Pladis has rolled out the next phase of its Convenience & Impulse (C&I) strategy, including two new channel-exclusive launches and...

Flapjacks get variety pack

Biscuit giant Pladis has announced the launch of a new variety bag pack for McVitie’s Hobnobs Flapjacks. Combining a selection of three variants – Oaty,...

Convenience strategy

Two channel-exclusive launches as biscuits giant ramps up its c-store programmes BISCUIT and cake giant Pladis  is ramping up activity in its convenience and impulse...