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Sweets confectionery

Need to know for sales to grow

If you want to thrive in retail then its crucial to keep an eye on trends – particularly when it comes to the big hitting categories like confectionery.

Ready for the shelf

Fox’s Glacier is set to roll out in single facing shelf-ready cases following a trial with the Co-op .

Generation big night in

Staying in is popular with younger people

Special tin for Christmas

Big Bear Confectionery has created a series of special products to help retailers maximise their return from the festive season

Share packs in the house

Sharing occasions on the rise as the big night in train continues to pick up steam.
Fox's range

Celebrating 100 years of Fox’s

Confectionery brand still going strong
XXX Mints

Looking for extra

MINTS and gums by the till continue to be a staple of convenience retailing. MINTS and gums by the till continue to be a staple of convenience retailing. With consumers constantly on the hunt for value, retailers shouldn’t underestimate multipacks.
Fox’s limited edition berry pack.

Limited release is the berries

The Fox’s Glacier range has been extended with the introduction of Fox’s Glacier Berries, a special-edition mixed bag
Confectionary share bags

Make it a cracker with confectionery

Treats take on new life at Christmas time
From confectionery to coffee, soft drinks to dairy, enough products now come in price-marked packs that retailers can fill the shelves of their stores with them, if they so wish.

True value can shine through

PMPs a winner with customers seeking quality at a fair price READING any news around the economy or Brexit is rarely a cheery affair –...
Assorted confectionary

Stepping up this season

WITH summer coming to a close, Santa Claus will soon be coming to town, carrying plenty of sweet treats and providing retailers with an opportunity to make some big gains.

In the mix

VARIETY is key to a big night at home according to Big Bear Confectionery.

Quality counts

As consumers try to cut back on sugar, chocolate products with premium credentials or offering a variety of flavours and textures are gaining ground.

Seeking a taste of something special

Premiumisation trend could be good for c-stores CONFECTIONERY has been going through some changes, with reformulations and new product development to meet the demands of...

Fox’s fruity focus

FRUITY flavours should hit the spot this summer according to Big Bear Confectionery, the firm behind Fox’s Glacier Mints. Andrew Ovens, marketing manager at the...

Strong contender for fresh breath

LAST year more than 300m of its XXX Extra Strong Mints were consumed in the UK, according to Big Bear Confectionery. Head of trade marketing...