Celebrating 100 years of Fox’s

Confectionery brand still going strong

Fox's range

RETAILERS will be more than familiar with flash-in-the-pan NPD in the confectionery category, so there’s something pretty special about a brand turning 100.

That’s the major milestone that Big Bear Confectionery will be shouting about this year as the Fox brand hits triple digits, and the firm doesn’t appear to have any intentions of resting on its laurels.

Andrew Ovens, marketing manager at Big Bear Confectionery, said the company will continue to focus on producing NPD that stands out from the crowd, a strategy he suggests is vital to success in a highly competitive category.

“The market is constantly changing and it’s important to stand out from the crowd, offering new and exciting flavour combinations to existing and potential customers.

“There needs to be a focus on NPD to capture the attention of shoppers and provide them with something different,” he said.

One way in which Big Bear has been providing customers with something different is by producing limited-edition variant’s of its flagship Fox brand – and it looks like this is a strategy that’s set to continue.

“Limited-edition variants were a key tactic for us in 2017 to drive growth and spark interest in our brands. In October we launched Fox’s Limited Edition Berries, a special-edition mixed bag containing three different on-trend flavours: blueberry, cranberry and gooseberry,” said Ovens.

“After the success of our Fox’s Glacier Ice Cream Favourites limited-edition variant, which was available throughout the summer, we decided to offer Fox’s fans another special flavour to look out for in the autumn and winter months.”

Ovens added that Big Bear finds limited-edition ranges perform well as customers find new flavour options exciting, whether they are fans of the core range or first time purchasers.

“Making products limited edition means consumers are more likely to make an impulse purchase as they might not get another chance to try the product if they pass up the opportunity.”

Not one for missing opportunities, Ovens suggested retailers should expect to see some special NPD to coincide with Fox’s 100th anniversary birthday celebrations.

“This year marks a major milestone for us with the 100th anniversary of the iconic Fox’s brand. We are planning some exciting NPD, promotions and marketing to support the anniversary throughout the year,” he said.