Strong contender for fresh breath

LAST year more than 300m of its XXX Extra Strong Mints were consumed in the UK, according to Big Bear Confectionery.

Head of trade marketing Ross Stanley said: “Launched more than 30 years ago, XXX have strong brand recognition and a reputation for being the strongest mint on the block.
“While chewing gum continues to be popular, we find that consumers looking for a long-lasting breath-freshener are far more likely to reach for strong mints.”
Describing mints and gums as high up on the list of impulse purchases, Stanley says that in order to maximise sales, c-stores should have a dedicated fixture in close reach of the till or in queuing aisles.
He said: “Keep on top of restocking, this will ensure that when a consumer’s eye moves towards the fixture, it looks neat and appealing, making a purchase more likely.”