Special tin for Christmas

The Fox’s birthday celebration tin

CHRISTMAS is a time for sharing, a fact that Big Bear Confectionery, the firm behind mint brand Fox’s, is well aware of as the festive season approaches.

The firm has created a series of special products to help retailers maximise their return from the festive season.

In celebration of Fox’s 100th anniversary, Big Bear Confectionery has launched a limited edition Fox’s Glacier centenary tin, its first limited edition tin in more than ten years.

Andrew Ovens, marketing manager at Big Bear Confectionery said:

“Commemorative Fox’s tins have been used to mark key events in our nation’s history and have become popular collectables, with a roaring trade on online selling sites.”

As well as the centenary tin, the firm has also produced a Heritage Fox’s Glacier Selection Box that further taps into the history of the brand.

Andrew said that the box would allow retailers “to tap into the nostalgia surrounding the brand’s iconic packaging” and “cater for the huge popularity of retro sweets in the run up to Christmas.”

He said: “Featuring photography from the brand’s archive and vintage packaging on our classic Glacier Mints and Glacier Fruits, we’ve also added the latest permanent addition to the Fox’s family – Glacier Spearmints.”