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XXX Mints

MINTS and gums by the till continue to be a staple of convenience retailing, but with a variety of pack formats and flavours hitting shelves down the years it seems like impulse is only part of the puzzle.

With consumers constantly on the hunt for value, retailers shouldn’t underestimate multipacks, according to, the company behind XXX Mints, Big Bear Confectionery.

“Our multipacks of XXX Mints have ‘extra free’ labelling on pack, which help create brand loyalty as consumers feel assured they’re getting the best deal on their favourite products,” said marketing manager Andrew Ovens.

“They also boost impulse purchases, which are key to sales growth in the confectionery sector, so c-stores need to carefully consider how visible their range is to customers.

“Last year alone more than 300m of our XXX Extra Strong Mints were consumed in the UK, making them a must-stock product to cater for this demand. While chewing gum continues to be popular, we find that consumers looking for a long-lasting breath-freshener are far more likely to reach for strong mints.”