Specials rise as core tea slows

TEA is a long-established favourite in British homes. That’s as  true in Scotland as elsewhere in the UK, although there are some differences, particularly...

Opportunity a speciality

ALTHOUGH there has been a decline in sales of everyday black tea there are areas of growth within tea and the big brand owners...
Kenco’s Latte range

Barista coffee in the kitchen

Consumers are spoilt for choice when they head to high street coffee shops, but that’s also increasingly true at home.

Home coffee is still strong

Coffee on the go may be a hit but new Mintel report finds instant still thriving
PG Tips

Specialist diets at heart of PG tips NPD

THEY aren’t monkeying around when it comes to NPD at PG tips, with two new alternative variants joining the Unilever owned brand’s line-up.
Tetley original tea

Striking the right balance

Fruit and herbal going well, but black is still king
Tetley price marked pack

Show prices with caution

PRICE-marked packs add transparency, which gives shoppers reassurance that they are being offered value
Clipper tea large pack

Large pack is low on waste

Teatime can now go on for even longer with the new Clipper Teas 80 bag pack from Ecotone UK.
Carte Noire Jar Classic

Old favourite born again

FORMER top five brand Carte Noire has been given a new lease of life by brand owner Lavazza Group

A national obsession

TAP water is the only drink consumed more often in Britain than tea, says the team behind Unilever’s convenience store merchandising advice service, Partners...

Binning the plastic wrap

Scottish Blend has taken a step forward in reducing its plastic footprint, with the brand set to remove the plastic overwrap on all its retail boxes this year
UCC Coffee has revamped its e-commerce site

Trade site refresh for UCC

Coffee vending solution provider UCC has relaunched its e-commerce website, with additional features for convenience retailers.

A ‘can do’ attitude

THE RTD coffee sector is booming in the UK, with double-digit value sales growth that outpaces all other segments of the soft drinks category.
Kenco cappuccino

Premium offers big opportunity

Jacobs Douwe Egberts says consumers want to create café experience at home

Interesting aim – new tea range, Tetley Estate Collection

TETLEY aims to upgrade the cuppa with a new tea range, Tetley Estate Collection. “Part of our strategy was to develop teas that added...
English Tea Shop gift pack

Giving the gift of tea

Tea purchases don’t have to be ‘something for tonight’, the category can also appeal to those on the hunt for a gift.