For the love of coffee

C-STORE operators thinking of installing a coffee-to-go system could well be encouraged by a report from Mintel that shows 74% of Britons buy out-of-home hot drinks.

Cappuccino-coffee-in-takeaway-cupCoffee is the overwhelming favourite among the drinks with 71% of sales, Mintel reports. But the big chain coffee shops are not getting it all their own way. Coffee fans get their drinks from a variety of sources including fast food restaurants, pubs and other venues. It reckons the market will be worth £3bn in 2016.

The report shows consumers aged 16 to 34 are most likely to buy a hot drink out of home with 81% doing so, compared to 67% of those aged over 65. However, older drinkers are more concerned about quality.

Global drinks analyst at Mintel Jonny Forsyth added: “Of those aged 45 to 64 who buy hot drinks out of the home, 60% say that high-quality coffee was an important influence compared to just 50% of those aged 16 to 34.”