Brewed in an instant

NMTB-packshot-aero-originalDRINKS entrepreneur Guy Woodall is aiming to take the waiting out of tea making with the introduction of his aerosol system No More Teabags.

Liquid tea is dispensed from the recyclable can into a cup or mug and hot water and milk added to make a cuppa  without the need to wait for brewing or having to dispose of tea bags.

Woodall said: “The convenience of not having to sit around and wait for your tea to brew is a major USP, but the technology we’ve used enables us to produce a tea with what we believe is a far superior taste.

“According to research the average tea bag is brewed for just 13 seconds, which isn’t anywhere near long enough to appreciate the flavour of real tea. The tea we use is brewed for a full five minutes such that a fuller flavour is achieved.”

No More Teabags is available in three flavours with prices from £16.05 to £20.65 per can.