Cleanliness will pay off

Retailers with coffee machines – particularly espresso machines – could be missing out if they don’t give them the proper care they need.

That’s the advice from food safety firm Sealed Air, which said many outlets could reduce running costs and generate more sales by cleaning coffee machines more often.

A spokesman from the firm said: “Even very small amounts of residue can affect the taste of the coffee, which is why leading professional baristas insist on cleaning their busiest machines two or three times a day. In most commercial situations a machine should be cleaned at least daily.

“One national retailer with on-site food service outlets found that 60% of its coffee machine problems were related to poor cleaning. Daily cleaning with the right products reduced the number of outages significantly and saved over £80,000 a year in service and maintenance costs.

“All for the sake of a few minutes and a few pence spent on daily cleaning.”