Show prices with caution

Tetley price marked pack

PRICE-marked packs add transparency, which gives shoppers reassurance that they are being offered value, according to Tetley.

Quoting research by HIM, it says 53% of shoppers are more likely to try a new product if it’s sold as a PMP.

However, business sector controller Brett Grimshaw said: “Regardless of the benefits, price marks need to be used carefully and be considered as part of a wider mix of activity.”

He said a price mark should be able to stand alone as a strong offer without being discounted further and added: “The danger of selling below a price mark is that it confuses shoppers, leaving them unsure about the proposition and distrusting the price mark on that particular product.

“This goes against everything the price mark should represent.

Tetley says tastes in tea have been changing for some time and although everyday black teas and price mark packs that offer value still dominate tea sales, shoppers are trading up to higher value teas like green and speciality and the new area of functional teas like the Tetley Super range with added vitamins.

Grimshaw said: “At this higher end of the sector, price marks should be used carefully.”

Merchandising tips from Tetley include teas being presented in a logical order moving from everyday black teas to decaf, to green, to fruit and herbal and a selection of higher-end premium teas.