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Tag: Kepak Consumer Foods

PMPs can rustle up sales

Kepak Consumer Foods believes its Rustlers PMP range can help convenience retailers drive up footfall for the food-to-go category.

Showing customers value

KEPAK Consumer Foods, the firm behind Rustlers, has suggested retailers take a tiering approach to their merchandising in a bid to better communicate PMP value to their customers.
Rustlers Burgers

A no mess food to go solution

SHOPPING behaviour was flipped on its head by the pandemic, as many consumers adapted to working from home, but there’s now a “significant opportunity”...
Ross Davison Kepak Consumer Foods

Sponsored: Kepak making the most of food to go

Food to go and the pandemic 2020 saw a rapid change in consumer behaviour, namely the shift to more home working.

PMPs can shine in turbulent economy

The price-marked pack offers retailers one way of signalling value to customers, and some of the biggest brands in convenience have suggested shoppers will be key to success in 2021

Start the day right in store

Some call it the most important meal of the day, but just how crucial is breakfast to convenience store success
Croissant with coffee

Opportunities still there for on the go

Firms say lockdown hasn’t killed off occasion
Rustlers Breakfast Sausage

Heating up in the morning

Hot breakfast has always been a hit in the UK, which should go some ways to explaining Rustlers’ success since it entered the category.

The proof is in the packet

Rustlers is running a new on-pack ‘taste challenge’ promotion in a bid to prove the quality of its All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin .

Hot options are a hit all day long

Kepak eyes food to go growth in convenience .

Diversity is on the lunch menu

Catering to a broad mix of shoppers in a hurry
Rustlers Quarter Pounder price-marked pack

Marking top sellers

MICROWAVEABLE snack brand Rustlers has put its top-selling lines into price-marked packs in a bid to provide further sales opportunities.