PMPs can rustle up sales

Kepak reckons its Rustlers PMP range will drive food-to-go footfall

The Rustlers Quarter Pounder PMP.
The Rustlers Quarter Pounder PMP.

CONSUMER confidence continues to be in the ditch  as more shoppers seek to save cash wherever they can.

It’s with this in mind that PMP formats can be best put to use in the convenience channel, in particular to help drive up total store sales.

Kepak Consumer Foods, the firm behind Rustlers, has shouted out the importance of stocking up on the price marked pack format for the year ahead, to help reassure customers that they are getting a good deal from well-known brands that have built up a loyal following of consumers.

The PMP range from Rustlers includes the brand’s core portfolio of products, such as the Quarter Pounder, BBQ Rib, All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin, Southern Fried Chicken Sub and the Twin Cheeseburger, with further products set to be added to meet consumer demand.

Ross Davison, head of convenience at Kepak, said: “Two-thirds of the population believe it is important to make savings on grocery bills.

“However, 69% of consumers plan to shop at many stores to take advantage of offers, with 60% actively looking out for and trying to buy products when on promotion, creating an opportunity for convenience retailers to appeal to shoppers.”