Marking top sellers

Rustlers Quarter Pounder price-marked pack

MICROWAVEABLE snack brand Rustlers has put its top-selling lines into price-marked packs in a bid to provide further sales opportunities.

The brand has introduced £2 PMPs for a host of popular Rustler SKUs including the Rustlers Quarter Pounder. Rustlers also offers its All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin in a £1.50 PMP.

Nielsen figures for the 52 weeks to 26 January 2019 provided by Rustlers revealed that the brand has enjoyed 2.4% year-on-year growth in convenience, with value sales now exceeding £22m.

Monisha Singh, shopper marketing manager at Rustlers brand owner Kepak Consumer Foods said: “Price-sensitive shoppers are looking for value for money, so they are reassured when they see market-leading brands in price-marked packs.

“The price sensitivity shown by shoppers is set to continue and convenience retailers will continue to benefit by offering price-marked packs.

“Those products like Rustlers that are backed by sustained, heavyweight marketing support will have even stronger appeal.”