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Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Tag: General Mills

Yop chocolate

Extra indulgence

General Mills has added some indulgence to its drinkable yogurt range, YOP, with the launch a new chocolate flavoured yogurt drink.
15 Pack of Frubes

Snacking at School

YOPLAIT has launched a new Frubes family pack, as children get used to the classroom again.

Snacks in the time of Covid

Snacks are a part of daily life for the majority of consumers, and with Covid-19 restrictions keeping most people at home for most of the time, the hinges on treat cupboards have been working hard

Dairy is thriving in convenience

Packed with protein and available in a broad range of flavours, dairy-based drinks tick a lot of boxes for consumers
Betty Crocker Devils food cake

Halloween cake push

General Mills spies a Halloween opportunity for home baking, and the firm has doubled its marketing spend to make the most of it.
Haagen Dazs

Take-home is taking over

Nights in driving category performance
healthy snacks

Better for you on the way up

Health focus helps subcategory
Yop strawberry

Category evolution

General Mills has been looking to tap into what it sees as increasing demand for drinkable yoghurt.

American vegan bar thrives in UK

General Mills has been keeping vegans sweet with its cruelty-free confectionery brand Lärabar.
general mills healthier snacking

Panel shares its views on better for you

General Mills has joined forces with 11 UK convenience retailers in a bid to boost the profile of ‘better for you’ snacks.
Old El Paso Smoky BBQ

Lets taco bout Mexican food

As diners become increasingly adventurous, Mexican meals like fajitas and enchiladas are becoming a more common sight in Scottish homes.

A big scoop of success

Ice cream is ideal for big night in

A cinnamon snack solution

SNACK bar brand Fibre One has extended its range with the launch of a new cinnamon variety.
Betty Crocker

Bakers who mix it up – Home baking latest

Kits and accessories aim to bring the cup cake revolution to every home and store THE image of the domestic goddess in her frilly pinny...

Oxfam targets food giants

INTERNATIONAL development charity Oxfam has examined the ethical performance of some of the world’s leading food brand-owning companies and found them lacking. As part of...