Healthy options are set to surge

Consumers increasingly seek nutrition on-the go

Weetabix and General Mills suggested stocking up on healthier on-the-go options.

WHEN asked, the vast majority of British consumers say they want to make healthier choices.

According to a report from market research firm Fast Moving Consumer Good Gurus, 80% of shoppers claim they will make greater attempts in response to the pandemic.

Those claims appear to hold some water, as Gerry Roads, marketing manager for snacking at General Mills, said the firm has found an increasing number of shoppers are avoiding ‘processed’ and high sugar snack bars.

According to Roads, many shoppers are switching to snack bars made from whole and raw ingredients.

Roads reckon General Mills has the perfect range to appeal to these consumers and he encouraged retailers to consider investing in brands such as Nature Valley, Fibre One, and Lärabar.

“We believe that snacks which boost nutrition through added fibre or protein, those fortified with vitamins, or those that help consumers get their five-a-day or reach certain lifestyle goals will be a key driver for the sector, as shoppers become more health-conscious,” he said.

Health is also high on the agenda at Weetabix. Darryl Burgess, head of sales at Weetabix, highlighted how the brand has benefited from demand for nutritious options on-the-go.
“Weetabix On The Go is the UK’s number one breakfast drink and is now a £10 million brand with an almost 60% share of the breakfast drinks sector – we’re always looking at ways to offer a convenient breakfast for those hectic mornings,” he said.

Burgess added that Weetabix’s own research found that breakfast on the move has returned to its long-term levels, following a dip during Covid lockdowns – spelling opportunity for retailers.

“There have been increasing on-the-go breakfast occasions since the summer, boosted by the back-to-school period and with the gradual return to offices,” he said.