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Friday, August 19, 2022
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Tag: legal

woman receiving notice at work

Fire and rehire is risky business

Controversial practice should be a tactic of last resort

Should you protect your brand identity?

by Ross Nicol BUSINESS names, logos and other branding devices for goods and services can be valuable assets that are wise to protect. A European...

Bill’s fit and proper return set to bring problems?

By Caroline Loudon, head of licensing at Lindsays THE Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill is the next “big thing” coming at Scottish licensees. You’d...

Get ready for more licensing change

Scotland’s licensing laws are set to be modified again. The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill, introduced to the Scottish Parliament recently, makes a...

Refresh deadline approaching

Scottish Grocer has been highlighting the forthcoming deadline for refresher training for personal licence holders for several months. In part that’s because there was...

Where, when, and how to allow vaping

Sales of electronic cigarettes are booming and use of e-cigs is not, at present, officially regulated. Should employees be allowed to use e-cigs on...

Fit for the 21st century?

Adam Matthew, partner with Miller Hendry Solicitors, which has offices in Perth, Crieff and Dundee, says ‘Fit and proper’ raised thorny issues in the...

Strike a balance on religious festivals

Easter public holidays took place a few weeks ago and Christmas public hoidays are well-established. But Scotland is now a multi-cultural society. How...

New labelling rules to give food for thought

Euro system to harmonise info requirements but could lead to more change By Dominic Watkins THE pace of change in the food industry is quickening. Over the...

Online shop? Be ready to go the distance

Are you thinking of taking orders online or running an eBay shop on the side? Be aware of the rules on distance selling. DELIVERING goods...
Jane Green

Considering reasonable questions of faith

Can an employee refuse to work on a Sunday or ask to be excused from serving alcohol because of their religious beliefs? Individuals have...
Jane Green

Take care to mind your languages

The UK has a very diverse workforce. In industries such as retailing there are practical needs for English langauge skills. But don’t rush language...

Business sales back on the front foot?

Agent sees deals up in October after strong summer ECONOMICS experts differ about how strong the economy currently is but one specialist retail and hospitality...
Jane Green

Time to talk with a degree of protection

Until recently ‘having a chat’ with an employee about their future employment could prove costly. Since the summer, however, things have changed. But even...
Dominic is head of the food sector group at business law firm DWF

Use-by transgressions given frosty reception

The UK Supreme Court has ruled on an appeal by a local authority in a case about use-by dates on food that hadn’t actually...
Catriona Munro is a partner in the EU competition and regulatory team at and a member of the firm’s Food & Drink group

Legal advice – Don’t pay the price for careless chat

Be very careful who you discuss pricing with. It will soon become easier for authorities to prosecute on price fixing. By Catriona Munro COMPETITION in food...