Meeting the tax with innovation

DEMAND for mid, low and no-sugar drinks is growing according to Barr but, it stresses, the main reasons consumers choose a soft drink have remained the same
Monster Assasins Creed special can

Game on

Monster Energy has launched an on-pack promotion offering exclusive Assassin's Creed content and special prizes

Panda wants mums to think again

CHILDREN’S soft drink Panda has being relaunched ahead of summer by brand owner Nichols. The new look’s designed to get what the brand owner calls...

Isotonics ‘must haves’ for c-stores

Exercise classes and packed gyms may be a thing of the past, the appetite for fitness and nutritional products has certainly not diminished

Scottish brand looks for a boom

DYNAMITE Energy Drink, launched in 2013 by Glasgow businessman Athif Sarwar and Garvies Soft Drinks quickly developed into an international success as well as...
Boost-Energy-4x250ML pack

Energy brand cuts sugar ahead of tax

THE levy on sugary soft drinks that’s scheduled for this April will not affect the price of Boost
Monster Ultra Citron, Boost Sugar Free and Lucozade Zero Original are among the sugar-free variants currently being championed by energy drink firms.

High energy, low in sugar

ACROSS the soft drinks category, sugar has been the big story of recent years and demand for low and no-sugar options has sky-rocketed. Energy drinks...
F'real milkshakes

Shakes in demand

Lockdown hasn’t taken any wind from the sails of frozen milkshake machine supplier F’real
Get More Vitamins drinks range

Get more varieties

AS consumers become more aware of the health benefits of staying hydrated at all times, the market is opening up for drinks that deliver daily doses of vitamins in a convenient format.
Nexba Kombucha

Natural solution from down under

AUSTRALIAN sugar-free drinks brand, Nexba, has brought its range of Kombucha drinks to the UK.
Rockstar Revolt offers two sugar free varieties, Killer Citrus and Killer Cooler.

Size matters in drinks aisle

Packs, tax and lower sugar PACK size is a vital consideration in the purchase decisions of Scottish energy and functional drinks consumers according to two...

Energy boost for sport?

ONCE upon a time folks used to talk about the “sports and energy drinks category”. But then energy drinks began to pull away from...

Is it time to re-energise?

Has the energy drinks market, for long one of the most buoyant parts of convenience retailing in the UK, not least in Scotland, gone through...

Convenience holds the key

ALCOHOL isn’t the only sector that appeals to students and young workers. Soft drinks is another important category, where companies market strongly to young adults. For...

Coconut in a can

COCONUT water soda Big Boss Palm has landed in the UK. Big Boss Palm’s coconut and vanilla soda is said to taste like a “clean...
Laura Muir

Chariots of Strathmore

SCOTTISH water brand Strathmore has joined forces with local hero Laura Muir as part of a new sponsorship deal with the long distance runner.