Convenience holds the key

ALCOHOL isn’t the only sector that appeals to students and young workers.

Soft drinks is another important category, where companies market strongly to young adults.

For Donna Pisani, trade communications manager at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), effective soft drinks merchandising is vital for convenience retailers who want to maximise soft drink sales to 18-24 year-olds consumers.

Stocking adult soft drinks can encourage trading up says CCE.
Stocking adult soft drinks can encourage trading up says CCE.

“The key to capturing the young adult market is convenience, and it is important that retailers stock the right range of impulse formats to target these consumers effectively,” she said.

“Offer a balanced range, taking in a broad mix of premium and value brands, different pack formats, original and low sugar options, and a variety of different flavours, sub-brands and variants.

“Retailers should consider the success of existing ranges, and consumer demand for other options when looking into new lines to stock.

“It’s worth keeping an eye on new product developments and the brands which are benefiting from marketing investment, as these are the lines that can attract the greatest interest from consumers,” she argued.

The Coca Cola range includes recognised must-stocks in a range which is now marketed and promoted under a unified brand identity, she said. Recent activity has included the introduction of single packs of 330ml and 500ml PET formats for Coca-Cola Zero Cherry.

“Designed to attract young adults and on-the-go shoppers, this new pack format joins the multipack and 1.75-litre take home packs,” she said.

As consumer demand for both energy drinks and light options has grown, CCE has introduced three zero-calorie Monster Energy Ultra variants – citrus flavoured Ultra White, citrus and orange Ultra Sunrise and crisp Ultra Red.

Pisani also sees adult soft drinks including the firm’s Schweppes range and Appletiser, and its Glaceau Smart water as important to attracting young adults.

“With many young people likely to plan impromptu gatherings, retailers should stock popular products in the chiller so consumers can enjoy their drinks shortly after purchase,” said Pisani.

“Stocking adult soft drink products, such as Appletiser and Schweppes Sparkling Juices, gives consumers a chance to trade up to a more premium soft drink, making an evening in feel more special, without needing to spend as much as a night out.

“Creating eye-catching displays designed specifically to target consumers shopping for their night in and giving them a designated space in store, will help increase sales, especially impulse buys,” she said.