Work and win chance delayed

The Retail Trust

THE Retail Trust has delayed the launch of its new lottery.
Retail Winners, which was due to begin in February, will be open exclusively to people who work in retail and is now due to launch on 17 July.
The Retail Trust’s development director, Michael Green, told Scottish Grocer the new lottery is just one way in which the charity aims to expand its role in the lives of Scottish retailers in 2015.
He said: “We are aiming to develop our treks and challenges opportunities in the next 12 months.
“Say you work for the local corner shop and you want to run in a marathon.
“You want to run it for charity but you can’t get a place. Lo and behold, the Retail Trust has a place. And that kind of contribution from the small and independent retail sector would be just phenomenal.”
The charity is also launching Retail Cure, credit union exclusively for the retail sector. And Crookfur Cottage Homes estate in Glasgow, the charity’s residence for retired people, is also set to receive a major refurbishment.
Green added: “There are ways people can get involved and ways they can benefit long-term, because this charity would never turn anybody away if they needed it.”