Grown-up impulse choice

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THE team behind flavoured  milk brand Yazoo reckons there’s a lot about the products that many retailers might not be aware of.
Quoting 2014 IRI figures, it says sales of flavoured milks grew at 11.5% year on year,  and faster than total soft drinks.
A spokesperson for Yazoo said: “Milk drinks aren’t just for kids. Almost half of the volume is bought by shoppers aged 13 to 34  and those aged 19 to 25 are the biggest spenders.
“Flavoured milks are popular in the morning, as a mid-morning snack, with lunch, and as an afternoon snack.
“Impulse and snacking go hand in hand and is a key area of growth.  Shoppers know what they want, grab it and go.
“We know from research that young adults buy Yazoo as a pick me up for the mid-afternoon lull, when they want something satisfying but not filling and when they want a healthier sweet treat. Yazoo also lends itself to cross promotions with snacks.”
Yazoo is available in 475ml and 1L bottle sizes.