Spontex adds niche glove for wet work

CLEANING product specialist, Spontex, has identified a gap in the rubber glove market. Its new Bathroom Glove is designed to be worn when cleaning the bath, basin and toilet.

SpontexThe UK household glove market is currently stagnant, with only 0.4% growth in sales in the last 12 months according to IRI.
But Spontex argues that there’s a demand for its purpose-designed Bathroom Glove: the company’s internal research shows that 77% of people wear protective gloves while carrying out household chores. Of those, nearly three-quarters wear them while cleaning the toilet.
The new glove has an extra long cuff to protect arms from splashing. It is also elasticated at the top to ensure that the cuff stays in place during use. Many conventional rubber gloves let in water during wet cleaning jobs, Spontex says.
The first listing for the clip strip of the new gloves was secured at Tesco and Spontex says it aims to add new stockists over the autumn period.