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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Tag: Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK

Taking stock of cigars in 2022

IN some ways, cigars were fairly consistent over the last year, but there are also shoots of growth within the category that convenience retailers should know about.
Signature Red pack

Compact pack smaller price

CIGAR brand Signature Red Filter has been put into a new packet and priced at £5.79.
Meharis packs

Royal Agio brands join STG range

SCANDINAVIAN Tobacco Group UK (STG UK) sees its range expand this month with the integration of Royal Agio cigar brands to its portfolio.
Henri Wintermans pack

Cigar sales up in Scotland

STG figures reveal category growth

Mighty miniatures drive performance

Miniatures continue to make up the bulk of the cigar category in Scotland, according to the latest data from Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK (STG UK)
cigar packets pic

Large formats flying in 2020

Christmas is a time of celebration and for many adult smokers, that means enjoying their favourite cigar brand
cigar packets pic

Lifestyle changes reverse fortunes for big cigars

Christmas is a time of celebration and for many adult smokers, that means enjoying their favourite cigar brand
STG cigar portfolio

Cigars stay on course in 2020

STG UK’s Alastair Williams offers his assessment of category performance
Henri Wintermans

Plans afoot at STG UK

Retailers worried about the menthol ban may want to keep an eye on cigar maker

Stores can puff on profit

Subcategories performing well in store .
Different cigar brands

Cigars can be your Christmas cracker

Brands and format choice stars of the season

Launch of the Moment

SCANDINAVIAN Tobacco Group UK is aiming to reinvigorate the small cigar segment with its latest new product launch, Moments Panatella. As the tobacco category braces...

Miniatures on the market march

Cigars, like most tobacco products, continue to face difficult and restrictive market conditions. But fears that the dark market may have had a particularly...

Darkness at the door

• Scotland’s tobacco display ban will take effect officially in small stores in Scotland on 6 April, 2015. But many shops now have their covered...
Break Little Cigars come in cigarette-style hard packets, price-marked and plain. A pack of 17 retails at £4.59.

Little cigars to break the mould?

A mini cigar that is packaged like a cigarette and designed to attract cigarette smokers is the latest entrant to the value end of...

Cigar firm targets cigs smokers

CIGAR supplier Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK is to go head to head with the UK’s value-for-money cigarette brands with the launch this month of...