STG launches XQS nicotine pouches

Scandinavian Tobacco Group enters next-generation nicotine category

Scandinavian Tobacco Group's XQS brand was created in Sweden, the home of nicotine pouches.
Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s XQS brand was created in Sweden, the home of nicotine pouches.

SCANDINAVIAN Tobacco Group (STG) is launching into the UK nicotine pouch market with its XQS brand.

The range has been created in Sweden – the home of nicotine pouches – and will be available to retailers from this month, with each pack of 20 pouches competitively priced at £5.50 RRP.

XQS is offered in four flavours with a variety of strengths: Tropical, Blueberry Mint, Cool Ice and Arctic Freeze. The first two are said to give users a fruity burst of flavour, while the latter pair deliver a minty flavour and an icy, cooling sensation.

All four variants come in fully recyclable packaging and contain uniquely smaller sized pouches that STG bosses say ensure a perfect fit under the lip.

STG bought the already successful XQS brand last year as a core part of its growth strategy to enter the next-gen nicotine category and diversify its portfolio.

XQS pouches are recognised for their innovative flavours and, in recent years, the brand has expanded into new territories such as Switzerland and South Africa, as well as showing strong growth in its native Sweden.

STG is supporting the UK launch with a large consumer and trade marketing plan, and a range of POS material, including large or small stockable units, trial-encouraging clip strips or visibility units.

STG UK managing director Gleb Pugacev said: “These pouches represent a great opportunity to support tobacco harm reduction in adult smokers.

“Nicotine pouch sales in the UK are really gathering pace and much of that growth is being driven by flavour.

“XQS is genuinely bringing something different to the nicotine pouch market, with a smaller size and longer-lasting flavour all for a lower price.

“With its authentic Swedish heritage, the brand truly embraces Scandinavia’s love of natural quality, with flavours that taste just like they should.

“So we encourage retailers to stock up and get behind the launch, as we’re confident XQS will be a great success story in the UK.”