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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Tag: Petrol Retailers Association

The future of forecourts

If forecourt retailers were wondering what the fuel market may look like in the decades ahead, they couldn’t have engineered a better case study in low-volume fuel sales than what has occurred under the Covid-19 pandemic
Eurogarage forecourt

Forging ahead of high street retail

Forecourt retail is going from strength-to-strength, with PRA chair Brian Madderson predicting success in 2020

A solid outlook for forecourt retailing

Petrol Retailers Association chief executive Brian Madderson talks filling station numbers, fuel price flux and signs of stability for the sector’s future .

Campaign collides with government

Westminster rejects calls for a fuel price regulator

Retailers in need of some answers

Brian Madderson on forecourt retailing in 2018
PRA chairman Brian Madderson has questioned the First Minister’s timetable.

Sturgeon’s forecourt flourish is under fire

First Minister’s move to bring petrol and diesel deadline forward criticised by Petrol Retailers Association chief
Brian Madderson

Cautious praise for government

THE Petrol Retailers Association has welcomed the UK Government’s announcement that it will ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040. The association...

Charged issue for forecourts

THE Petrol Retailers Association has raised concerns over UK Government plans that would compel large retailers and motorway service areas to install electric charge...

Interesting times

Oil prices are down, environmental concerns are up, and Tesco could be on the verge of radically reshaping the independent forecourt market. To help...

Omens bad for prices

PETROL prices look set to rise high in 2017, the Petrol Retailers Association warns. The PRA says Brent Crude has already risen to over USD57/barrel...

Tackle forecourt crime

FORECOURT crime will be the focus of much of the Petrol Retailers Association’s work in 2017, particularly around the operation of hand car washes. Speaking...

Concerns over fuel proposals

PRA and Certas Energy voice worries over Westminster plans to introduce ‘green petrol’ THE Petrol Retailers Association has written to Parliamentary under Secretary of State...
Petrol Retailers Association

Stay safe on the forecourt

THE Petrol Retailers Association has joined forces with the Safety Pass Alliance to offer a new online training programme for all forecourt operators and...

Fuel prices moving up

BRITAIN’S filling stations are doing everything in their power to hold down pump prices as the summer approaches but costs are increasing, says the...

Pound or less

WITH supermarkets and some others slashing rates below £1 per litre, independent retailers are asking how long the situation can continue. Brian Madderson, chairman of...

Defying reality

MAINSTREAM media reports have repeatedly told motorists that fuel prices will slump and some supermarkets have slashed rates to less than £1 a litre...

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