Valuing the family factor

Provenance counts says Graham’s

PREMIUM quality matters to the ice cream shopper and provenance is becoming increasingly important in their brand choices, that’s the message from Graham’s The Family Dairy.

Marketing director Carol Graham said: “Consumers are increasingly aware of the wider impact of what they choose to enjoy and we see that they are buying mindfully.


“Our customers know we’re a family farm, working conscientiously with other family farmers throughout the country to create the very best in dairy.

“This investment in British farming makes an important part of our story.”

Last year Graham’s sponsored the Edinburgh International Film Festival to raise awareness of newly launched ice cream flavours.

“We look forward to introducing new flavours and further product development for summer”

It also advertised on TV and sent a branded ice cream van around a series of summer events.

Carol Graham said: “This resulted in sales of our ice cream increasing by 66% in 2015.

“Our ice cream van tour allowed us to present our full range and it’s something we’re keen to look at again for the future.”

“The category is performing well and we look forward to introducing new flavours to our 500ml range and further product development for summer,” she said.