Happy Chilli sauces online


The Happy Chilli Company is the latest entrant into the fast growing hot sauce market, and with a gourmet range that covers sauces, relishes, rubs, oils and marinades.

Entrepreneur Patrick Mumby is confident he has the recipe for success. “We source the finest natural ingredients, our chillies are grown within five miles of our kitchens, and we do not add water, flour or other bulking ingredients, so you are left with a really pure flavour, and varying degrees of heat.

Mumby believes he has spotted a gap in the market as yet unfulfilled by hard-core, homemade chilli devotees or by bland mass-market condiments. “There are a lot of chilli producers out there, and some really good products, but a lot of these concentrate on heat alone, at the expense of flavour. I believe that by harnessing the flavour of the chillies, not just the heat, our range has something to suit everyone, and will also provide an exciting and desirable accompaniment to almost any type of food.”

The Happy Chilli Company enters the market with a launch range of five chilli inspired sauces (All that Jazz, Tommy K, Bonanza, Delirious and Vesuvius), three relishes (End of the Lime, Bird Island and Cherish), a dipping sauce (Chilli Dipping) and two oils (Ghost and Chipotle), with rubs, marinades, chilli grow kits, gift packs and even chilli cook-off packs very much part of the future plans.


Early signs have been very positive with orders from upmarket delicatessens, a trial in a Fulham BBQ restaurant and sell-out food market appearances. Every chilli product was extensively taste tested before recipes were finalised.

“I see our business expanding online (www.happychillicompany.com), supplemented by appearances at fairs and food festivals and direct to the upmarket independent gourmet store sector,” states Mumby.

When asked about the name ‘The Happy Chilli Company’, Mumby explains. “Without getting too technical, it is widely acknowledged that eating hot chillies releases endorphins and, as the body defends itself against the heat, these endorphins leave you with a natural high, as well as acting as the body’s natural pain relief. So although you may not agree at the time, it is scientifically proven that eating hot chillies will leave you feeling happy.”