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Tag: Dr Oetker

Pizza is baked good

Dr. Oetker pizza brand The Good Baker has grown its range of meat-free options.

Dr Oetker delivers new products to UK

Dr Oetker has gone to town on toppings with its latest launches under the Chicago Town brand with seven new products.
Dr Oetker pizza

Overhaul for Oetker pizza

Italian inspiration is at the heart of a packaging refresh for Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante frozen pizza brand.

New choices from the Dr.

Frozen pizza has been flying out the door since the pandemic began, with stay at home orders leaving consumers with only home comforts to rely on.
Chicago Town Pizza

A meat lovers’ pie

THE latest launch from frozen pizza brand Chicago Town is all about the meat. The new Chicago Town Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Magnificent Meat Feast...
Dr Oetker signage at forecourt

More pizza on the go

An increasingly popular option at service stations and forecourts across the UK, Dr. Oetker’s Chicago Town Pizza to Go has added a new vegan pizza to its range.
Ristorante vegan pizza

Dr. Oetker expands with vegan

Dr. Oetker has launched its first vegan pizza.

Value rollout for Dr. Oetker

DR. OETKER has expanded its Chicago Town PMP range with the addition of two new packs to its portfolio
Chicago Town vegan pizza

A warm slice of success

FROZEN pizza has been a proven winner with Scottish consumers over the last year, according to the latest figures from Dr. Oetker.

A slice of the action

LOCKDOWN may have turned half the country into viable Great British Bake Off contenders, but the appeal of a frozen pizza hasn’t suffered as a result
Rotating Pizza stand

Added extras boost footfall

SHOPPERS will keep coming back if they think they are getting more than just a product from a store. That is the view of  Dr Oetker, the firm behind Chicago Town Pizza.
Dr Oetker baking

The great big Easter bake off

Demand for home baking is set to grow
Dr Oetker lactose free pizza

Mamma mia! Lactose free

Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella is topped with lactose-free mozzarella and Edam cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, basil and Ristorante’s signature tomato sauce
Ristorante lactose free pizza

Mamma Mia! Lactose-free pizza

Being lactose-intolerant would usually mean that frozen pizzas were firmly off-limits.
Dr Oetker Momenti Salami Calabrese pizza

Tasty pizza without guilt

Frozen specialist Dr. Oetker has launched a brand new range of pizzas designed to provide a meal for one.
Chicago Town Cheese Feast

Chill Chicago

Chicago Town pizzas have long been a staple of the frozen category – but now they will also be available in the chiller.