More pizza on the go

Dr Oetker signage at forecourt

AN increasingly popular option at service stations and forecourts across the UK, Dr. Oetker’s Chicago Town Pizza to Go has added a new vegan pizza to its range.

The Smokey Bac’n & Mushroom 10-inch takeaway stuffed crust pizza is topped with smoked gouda alternative, crispy bacon style pieces, mushrooms and diced red onions.

Senior brand manager at Dr. Oetker, Richard Cooper, said: “This is an exciting new addition to the self-serve pizza to go range.

“It will appeal to a growing number of vegan and vegetarian consumers who want the same indulgence and familiarity they get from regular non vegan pizza.”

At the same time, a new self-serve packaging has been created including whole pizza boxes designed to allow the pizza to stay fresh for up to three hours.

The new self-serve quarter slice holder has a perforated bag allowing the pizza to breathe while retaining freshness with a cardboard sleeve that protects the pizza.