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Lisa Faulkner

A fruitful partnership

Canned fruit brand Del Monte has named TV personality Lisa Faulkner as its new chef ambassador.
Delmonte fruitball cup

Fruitball Cup 2020

Del Monte is looking to give consumers a taste of live sport with its latest marketing campaign.

Soft soars as Santa arrives

Refresco backs ambient for festive trade

Health really is hitting mark

Figures show shift to low and no

Fineapple fruit pots

The firm’s two on-the-go fruit snacking ranges provide one portion of the recommended five-a-day per pot

Drinks up in the morning

Breakfast drinks had a spectacular 2017 according to Refresco, with volume sales up by 37.7% on the previous year.

It’s a bit of a mix up

FRUIT juice brand Del Monte has added some east Asian flavour to its range with a new Orange & Mandarin pure juice combination. Launched in...

Exotic chance as adults choose the soft option

WARM weather should, hopefully, boost sales of soft drinks. But one juice and juice drinks specialist reckons changing drinking habits among adults could make...
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Juiced up

THERE is a growing demand for healthy breakfast drinks, according to Refresco Gerber, the company behind fruit juice brand Del Monte in the UK. The...

Why fruit juice is not the problem

THE anti-sugar lobby may be damaging consumers’ health by targeting fruit juices. That’s the word from Refresco Gerber, the soft drinks manufacturer, packager and...
Capri-Sun, promoting over the summer, and Highland Spring single-serve multi pack, said by the firm to be contributing to category growth.

Juicing up – Healthy drink choices at lunchtime

HEALTHINESS is a significant issue for packed lunches and not just for schoolchildren, plenty of adults consider wellbeing when they’re making up their own...

Exotics and home treats fuelling juice

THERE are still juicy profits to be squeezed out of thirsty consumers’ love of refreshment, especially during hot weather. That’s the juices industry’s view, with...

Squeezed sector shows its bottle

While many soft drinks categories have done well in the recession – as consumers looked for affordable treats and entertaining moved to the home...