Exotic chance as adults choose the soft option

WARM weather should, hopefully, boost sales of soft drinks. But one juice and juice drinks specialist reckons changing drinking habits among adults could make softies for grown-ups particularly popular this year.

xDel Monte March 2015 0295 Occasions 1Ltr Vis_Spicy MaryJames Logan, commercial director at Refresco Gerber said: “With one in five UK adults claiming not to drink alcohol at all sophisticated adult soft drinks will be in demand.

“Exotic drinks such as coconut water and flavours such as mango and coconut which were the fastest growing flavours in 2014 will continue to grow in popularity in 2015 as they become more mainstream.

“Del Monte’s Occasions range offers a choice of mocktails to which alcohol can be added to turn them into cocktails.”

• Emma Hunt , Vimto UK marketing manager, pointed out that due to the unpredictability of the British weather barbecues are often impromptu events.

She said: “This means consumers are more likely to shop locally to grab what they need, providing retailers with strong cross-selling opportunities.

“Well-known and heavily marketed brands such as Vimto and Levi Roots offer consumers a varied choice in relevant pack formats for all ages to suit the barbecue occasion.”

• Currie’s Red Kola is said to have recorded good sales last summer on the back of radio and bus advertising and the brand plans to run significant marketing activity in 2015.

Digital marketing executive Niall Deveney said: “We are looking to build on a great 2014 and this includes in-store sampling during April to July in the build up to the summer.

“As a brand with plenty of history, we are able to tap into nostalgia as well as to the new generation of youth.”