Drinks up in the morning

WHEN it’s breakfast time, one category that should not be overlooked is drinks, at least according to the latest figures from Refresco, the firm behind Ocean Spray.

Breakfast drinks had a spectacular 2017 according to Refresco, with volume sales up by 37.7% on the previous year.

Refresco also reckons the perceived health benefits of juice don’t do sales any harm. James Logan of Refresco, the firm behind Ocean Spray, commented: “Consumers have regarded juice as a healthy breakfast item for many years. A Del Monte survey confirms that juices and juice drinks are being purchased primarily for health reasons.

“More than 50% said it’s extremely important for juice or juice drinks to be high in vitamins and be one of their five a day.”

To make the most of the opportunity juices provide, Logan suggested retailers stock on-the-go breakfast products at the front of the store with at-home consumption products to the rear.

“How much shelf and chiller space is given to each should be determined by the store location and the likely breakfast on-the-go trade. Juices can be located in both areas, with family packs sited alongside milk and smaller on-the-go formats located alongside milk based drinks,” he said.