Sweet prices

Skittles_55g_Fruits_Large_ScreenSKITTLES and Starburst have been put into price-marked packs.

Brand owner Wrigley said that more than two thirds of shoppers buy PMPs in c-stores and that competitive pricing encourages impulse purchases.

Quoting research by HIM, Wrigley said 68% of retailers currently stock price-marked confectionery products.

The new packs have a 49p splash on 55g packs of Skittles and 45g Starburst packs.

Confections marketing manager Dan Newell said: “Price-marked packs deliver value and choice to consumers whilst ensuring retailers maintain margins.

“We’re confident that by adding 49p-flashed single packs to our range we will help retailers maximise impulse sales.

“Wrigley’s current range of Wrigley £1 PMP hanging share bags have seen an increase in sales of 33% in the last 12 weeks.”