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Golden Wonder
“Golden Wonder has always been famous for distinctive, strongly flavoured crisps that never go out of fashion,” says brand owner Tayto.

THE Golden Wonder crisp range is to be relaunched by brand owner Tayto with reformulated flavours and new packaging. And the brand will be promoted through a campaign incorporating TV, PR and digital activity.
Marketing director Matthew Smith said: “We know consumers in Scotland have a special affinity with Golden Wonder, not just because the brand was founded there, but also because our strong flavours give more punch per crunch.
“We are excited by the relaunch and are investing significantly behind the brand with a heavyweight marketing campaign that includes TV from October.”
Smith added that the new packs would be available in August.
He said that although health remains a concern, and the new range of Golden Wonder flavours have been developed to have up to 49% less salt, the relaunch also addresses the fact that most consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste.
“Golden Wonder is a success story in Scotland. Over 85% of consumers in Scotland are aware of Golden Wonder and have a special connection to the brand as it evokes warm childhood memories,” he said.