Recipe for fruit sales

Wrigley launches multi-million pound investment to grow sales of its brands.

THE three vital ingredients in growing the sugar confectionery category are new product development, marketing, and category management advice, says Dan Newell, confections marketing manager for Wrigley.

SKITTLES_FRUIT_BOT_125g_1And he has promised that Wrigley will continue to invest in all three throughout 2016.
Quoting Nielsen research that values the fruit confectionery category at over £621m, Wrigley says its share amounts to almost £60m, with Skittles accounting for £38m and Starburst contributing more than £21m. Skittles started the year with the introduction of Skittles Tropical in 55g bags, 125g hanging bags and 174g sharing pouches.

Newell said: “A fast-growing flavour trend, tropical has been mirrored in other categories and is performing exceptionally well with value growing year-on-year.
“Skittles Tropical is expected to deliver 1.5% fruit confectionery category growth.”
Skittles Fruits was made available in a re-sealable bottle last year and Wrigley says sales so far show that Skittles Bottle is 50% incremental to the category.

“Tropical is performing exceptionally well with value growing”

The latest TV ad for Skittles features a rainbow-eating giraffe with the strap line Discover the Rainbow.
Newell said: “This is part of the brand’s multi-million pound investment for 2016.
“The brand’s digital campaign will reach over 10m people.”
Wrigley extended its range of Skittles and Starburst price-marked packs in 2015 and introduced four additional hanging bags that feature a £1 price flash.
And Wrigley has seen a 49% increase in sales of price-marked hanging bags since the latest launch.
For such confectionery lines in retail outlets visibility is key and availability is crucial, Newell said.
“Remember to re-stock each morning and prior to peak traffic times.
“A fully-stocked display will help maximise your profit potential and guarantee repeat visits.”

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