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Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive Pete Cheema.

Concern over illicit vape sales inaction

A new study has highlighted a shocking lack of targeted enforcement action against rogue vape traders across 11 major UK cities, including Glasgow.
vaping shop display

Vaping ban in debate

A ban on disposable vapes is being considered by the Scottish Government.
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Online help to inform retailers

New online platform VapeWatch helps vaping traders keep on the right side of the law.
vaping shop display

Vaping display of ignorance

Some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged people would be hindered from quitting smoking if Holyrood goes ahead with plans to ban vaping product displays in shops.

November date for UKVIA day

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has announced a new date for its industry forum and dinner.
The UKVIA has teamed with Smoke Free to encourage smokers to switch to vapes.

UKVIA praise Khan report

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has heaped praise on a new report produced for the UK Government that backs e-cigarettes as a cessation tool.

Fake vape crackdown

COUNTERFEIT vaping goods worth up to £100,000 have been seized from a London store.
Geek Bar new packaging

Packs to fight the illicit trade

Disposable vape brand Geek Bar has launched new packaging aimed at combatting counterfeit and non vaping products.
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Speaking up for the vape industry

UKVIA director John Dunne discusses Vapril, new restrictions on advertising and best practices
The UKVIA has teamed with Smoke Free to encourage smokers to switch to vapes.

Cessation and more regulation

THE UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), the largest trade body representing the vaping sector in the UK, has joined forces with smoking cessation app Smoke Free.

Tackling underage sales

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has launched a new guide aimed at tackling underage sales
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Vape group calls for a VAT cut

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) has called on the UK Government to consider reducing VAT on vape products in a bid to curb smoking.
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Helping the homeless

The UK vaping industry has come together to support homeless smokers during the coronavirus crisis.