Online help to inform retailers

a man vapes outdoors

A NEW online platform has been launched to help vaping traders, including retailers, wholesalers and distributors, keep on the right side of the law when it comes to supplying and selling disposable vapes.

VapeWatch, the brainchild of disposable vape maker Geek Bar, comes as the industry is under increased scrutiny over underage sales and challenged by UK non-compliant products and counterfeits entering the country.

The platform provides a range of advice for retailers, including vetting processes for suppliers and products as well as ways to report illicit merchandise using online facilities.
It also provides access to useful resources such as vaping retail guides produced by the UK Vaping Industry Association.

Parents and educators can also use the platform to find out how they can report retailers who they suspect of breaking the law and selling vapes to under-18s.

Geek Bar boss Allen Yang said: “VapeWatch provides all the information for retailers, wholesalers and distributors to do the right thing.”